Thursday, April 17, 2008

Burlington Gang

Big Bad ass BN Gang started off in the 70's with the OG's which are now resting in peace. Their main enemigas are the 18 street gang which are attacking and not leaving in peace the recreational park "Toberman" alone just to battle it off.
They have been in war since the 70's because they battled out the park and never let the community rest in peace, but after all the gunshots and murders, scenes that people have never seen have occured in the varrio. The Bad ass BN gang is clicked up with PUD standing for Pico Union District. They are located in the 17st block and around the varrio, BN gang took over Toberman park in 2002, when Sleepy went up to the main head of 18st Gang in the benches at Toberman Park and kicked the 18 streeters out and became their territory.
Now war has begun for the park once again, all we hear are gunshots at night, spray cans running out, but the neighbors and community are growing up with it.
Now youngsters are joining the gang, such as Lil Stalks, Rata, Bomba, Sniper, Mousy, Criminal, Lil Sleepy, and Mess which is the main head of the youngsters.
The gang keeps growing, at the moment they are jumping in all the member of PUDK into the gang with pride and unthoughtful, unafraid of the danger but prideful. They are being jumped in and not giving a damn about it. The war goes on, and the 18st Gang is now arriving, Jacken from Psycho Realm just shot Booser from 18st Gang and left him on the curve with his homeboy Chrome also from 18st.
He grew up in Pico Union and is down for the Gang, down for the crew, and so is Crow which is now included into the Big BN GAng.